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Quote Booking Elliot £147 -


Why do I have to pay now?

The payment is taken in full to secure the booking. The tradesperson is not paid until the task has been completed

What if you don't show up?

We 100% will! If we were taking payment and not showing up, our online reviews would reflect this. We always fulfil the job as promised!

Does this include materials?

Materials are charged in addition to this price & we’ll only charge for materials used

Does the work come with a guarantee?

All work comes with a 1-year guarantee! T&C’s

Which address do you need?

The address of the property we’re needed at. If it’s a tenant, friend or family member, please put their address & contact details for access

Does this include VAT?

We don’t charge VAT, so this is the rate you’ll pay

Do I get a receipt?

Yes! All receipts are sent automatically via text message. These can be used for your own records or to claim the money back from landlords/insurance companies etc